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Guidelines for Authors

  1. The mission of the Informing Science Journal is to promote IS through articles that deal with an issue in using IT to inform clientele.
  2. Authors submit their manuscripts electronically at http://review.inform.nu.  
  3. All manuscripts must be the authors' original, unpublished work. The manuscript must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  4. The submitted manuscript is to be "blinded", that is, it is have no reference to the author. This information is collected on the manuscript submission form.
  5. All papers are to be written in English. While US spelling is preferable, other versions of English are acceptable. If you have questions on English grammar, please consult a source such as  http://ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/.
  6. The first page of the manuscript is to contain the manuscript title, a 100 - 150 word abstract or summary and a list of key words. Do not include any author's name or affiliation.
  7. Submissions are to follow the APA style guidelines for citations, references, and headings. Authors are encouraged to use appropriate links to on-line resources in their citations. A summary of these and other guidelines can be found at  http://InformingScience.org/APA.pdf.
  8. While there are no regulations on length, it will be exceptional for an article to exceed 20,000 words.  The final version of the manuscript including artwork may not exceed 1 M of space. [This limit is set for reasons of economics and may be lifted if the author can provide resources for publishing. For example, on-line video might be housed on the authors' web server.]
  9. To enable the publishers to move them, artwork, figures, and tables in the final version of the manuscript are to be placed in text boxes.
  10. The manuscript is to be submitted in MS Word or RTF format.
  11. After an Associate Editor (AE) determines that the topic of the manuscript fits within the journal's purview, the AE will conduct a blind review of the paper using three or more reviewers selected from the journal's Board of Reviewers.  Commonly, these reviewers are selected so as to assure variety of opinions from around the globe.
  12. Commonly, the AE will provide the author with information regarding acceptance, provisional acceptance, or rejection of a manuscript in about six weeks of submission.  Of course, the availability of reviewers affects the schedule.
  13. Authors of accepted papers will be notified by the publisher regarding additional formatting requirements. Authors may find it helpful to review these formatting guidelines for accepted papers  as they prepare their manuscript for submission. 
  14. Articles appear on-line as soon as accepted and in print annually.
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Updated 11 July 2008

Informing Science is published by the Informing Science Institute,
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Scott J.Lloyd, Editor-in-Chief
University of Rhode Island
ISSN: 1521-4672

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