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The academically peer refereed journal Informing Science endeavors to provide an understanding of the complexities in informing clientele. Fields from information systems, library science, journalism in all its forms to education all contribute to this science. These fields, which developed independently and have been researched in separate disciplines, are evolving to form a new transdiscipline, Informing Science

Informing Science publishes articles that provide insights into the nature, function and design of systems that inform clients.  Authors may use epistemologies from engineering, computer science, education, psychology, business, anthropology, and such. The ideal paper will serve to inform fellow researchers, perhaps from other fields, of contributions to this area.


What is Informing Science?


To speed the publication process, manuscripts are submitted and reviewed electronically. This process enables reviewers around the world to provide the author with quality feedback in a timely manner.

Accepted articles are available to everyone, without charge on the web site http://Inform.NU. Issues are also available in print.
I encourage you to visit this web site and contribute your quality manuscripts to the journal.

Accepted papers are published annually in print and immediately on the web. The latter provides colleagues around the world immediate access to articles. Works published in Informing Science can be cited and used more quickly.


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Updated 04 January 2009

Informing Science is published by the Informing Science Institute,
131 Brookhill Court, Santa Rosa, California 95409 USA.

T. Grandon Gill, Editor-in-Chief
University of South Florida
ISSN: 1521-4672

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