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Volume 1 Number 1

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Updating the CS Curriculum:
Traditional vs. Market-Driven Approaches

Nedzad Mehic & Ali Al-Soufi 
University of Bahrain, Isa Town, Bahrain

The paper describes a method of updating a curriculum of a typical computer science department. The suggested approach promotes the role of a university as an academic environment, targeting excellence in teaching degree programs, as well as a qualified partner in partnership with businesses, especially with industry, in sharing knowledge and skills, supporting the concept of a quality process and quality products. Cooperation with industry firms, through real problem solving approaches and using emerging technologies that might drive the best demand in future markets, will prepare students to take advantage of opportunities, gain experience, and make an impact immediately. As a case study, the paper describes how this approach is applied to Computer Science Department at University of Bahrain.




An IS Teaching Case


Laurie Schatzberg
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM  87131 USA

Their manager has promised that the aging factory would be the first to implement RESQ, a resource estimator and scheduler developed in-house at FLASHMEM, Inc. While RESQ clearly fills an urgent need for better CPU utilization and management decision-making, Jamie Barton and Angelo Rodriguez now recognize the impossibility of the current plan for their factory.

The case provides a brief history of RESQ and background of the players and culminates in the meeting between the IS and the manufacturing members of an IS development team. It focuses readers on some pervasive analyst-user issues including their respective roles in the development process, project management, the role of IS in a mature/commodity industry, vulnerabilities arising from in-house developed systems, and the implications of enforcing company-wide application standards.


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