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Volume 2 Number 3

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Teaching Information Quality in Information Systems Undergraduate Education

Omar E. M. Khalil,
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Diane M. Strong,
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (USA)

Beverly K. Kahn,
Suffolk University (USA)

Leo L. Pipino,
University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Authors discuss and present an information quality framework from the literature on data and information quality. They identify important information quality competencies derived from the framework. Two recent Information Systems (IS) curriculum models are examined to determine the extent to which they include these competencies. The result is a documentation of the gap between the two IS curriculum models and the information quality needs of organizations. Authors suggest ways as to how to close this gap and improve information quality teaching and learning.


Roadmaster Roading Contractors Case Study

Hazel Taylor,
The Waikato Polytechnic, Hamilton (New Zealand)


On the Nature of Models: Let us Now Praise Famous Men and Women, from Warren McCulloch to Candace Pert

Stafford Beer
World Organization of Systems and Cybernetics

Stafford Beer is one of the most original thinkers of our time.  This invited article is based on his keynote address at the World Multiconference on Systemics Cybernetics and Informatics (Orlando, Florida, July 12-16, 1998), which was held alongside the second annual Informing Science Conference.  The paper uses the work of two pioneers as a platform for discussing a number of significant concepts.  The article can be read at many different levels and will delight and challenge all readers. Some of its key terms include circular causality, analogy, simile, and metaphor, requisite variety, homeostasis and closure, viable systems model, information substances, and, my favorite, hardening of the categories. (ed)

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