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Volume 1

Issue 1
Managing Self-instructed Learning within the IS Curriculum: Teaching Learners to Learn  
Felix Tan and Hazel Chan                            1-7
Conceptions of an Information System and Their Use in Teaching about IS
   Chris Cope, Pat Horan, and Mark Garner    9-22

Issue 2
How Good Are Students at Assessing the Quality of Their Applications?
   V. J. Hobbs, T. J. McGill, and H. E. Rowe    23-29
Training Facilitators for Face-to-Face Electronic Meetings: An Experiential Learning Approach
   Pak Yoong             31-36
Matching Office Information Systems (OIS) Curriculum To Relevant Standards: Students, School Mission, Regional Business Needs, and National Curriculum
   Arlene August and Judy Caouette            37-42
Practical Liability Issues of Information Technology Education: Internship and Consulting Engagements
   Daniel A. Peak and Michael J. O'Hara    43-51

Issue 3
Fourier Analysis: Creating A “Virtual Laboratory” Using Computer Simulation
   Jeff Butterfield and Norman Pendegraft    53-60
Computer Self-Efficacy: A Practical Indicator of Student Computer Competency in Introductory IS Courses
   Rex Karsten and Roberta M. Roth             61-68

Issue 4
Updating the CS Curriculum: Traditional vs. Market-Driven Approaches
   Nedzad Mehic and Ali Al-Soufi     69-73
RESQ for FLASHMEM, Inc.: An IS Teaching Case
   Laurie Schatzberg                            75-84

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Updated 15 December 2008

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